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Home Applications

The "Garoufalis Glass" Craft Industry will find a wide range of glass applications that will upgrade the aesthetics of your home to competitive prices. Add a new dimension to your place by placing:

...and many more glass applications that will surprise you and your guests.

Popular Applications:

  • Bath
  • Bedroom Decoration
  • Decorating Living room
  • Work Out Room


Dimensions of common mirror available: maximum 225x321 (cm)
Available common mirror weights: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Available antique mirror dimensions: maximum 225x321 (cm)
Available antique mirror thickness: 4mm

Available Dimensions tinted & Bronze Mirror: maximum 225x321 (cm)
Available thickness tinted & Bronze Mirror: 5mm

Safety glass shower

Renovate your bathroom and change your mood! Garoufalis Glass Bath Apps.

  • Modern Design
  • Lasts in Time
  • Factory Prices

MINIMAL Systems for Glass Shower.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Safety Glasses
  • Anodized Supports & Accessories
  • Silicone Seals
  • Good Operation Warranty

Also available with Black Color components

Inner Glass Doors

Combine the modern decoration of the Garoufalis Glass Architecture delivered by the inner glass doors with the absolute security achieved by the appropriate backends and the appropriate types of safety glass.

MINIMAL Aesthetic & Security

Place glass doors:

  • In all the bedrooms of your house
  • in your bathroom

…and add the stunning Garoufalis Glass Architecture to the aesthetic of your home!

Glass Bars


Combine the modern decoration of the Garoufalis Glass Architecture that delivers glass bars with the absolute security achieved by appropriate support systems and appropriate glass types.

Place glass bars:

  • on the balcony,
  • on the porch
  • at the inside points exposed to a big height, such as areas surrounding the stairs,
  • on you staircase.

…and add the stunning effect of Garoufalis Glass Architecture to the aesthetic of your home.

In more detail, these structures are fitted with EXCLUSIVE triplex (laminated) or triplex & securit (tempered) glass for safety reasons.
In the very extreme case of breaking the glass rail the crystal will remain in place preventing any injury or fall.

You have a choice in the way you support your construction and whether you want to put handrails on the top of the crystal.

Floor Support

Crystal fixation system without vertical columns with a robust aluminum profile for the manufacture of glass cagel on the final floor or on a chest.

Supports vertical glass panes of Laminated (triplex) or Laminated (triplex) & Securit 16mm with transparent, colored or DG-41 film without holes and indentations.

Replacing the crystals - in the event of a break from a violent strike - is easy without creating damage to the floor or to the system itself.

The total height of the crystal may be up to 120 cm.

It may be a glass with a seamless perimeter finish or an aluminum clamp.

Embedded Support

Crystal embedding chamber into concrete made of robust EN AW 6060-T66 alloy 113X48mm aluminium profile, that can be anodized.

22mm safety crystal can be mounted in the clean space of 110 Χ 28mm created by the chamber

The aluminium profile is embedded into the concrete with the special hooks that it is equipped with, which can serve as receptors for the alignment and connection equipment.

Equipped with a removable tin can type lid (opens without use of special tools) so that the chamber remains untouched during cement filling, making it easier to align and level, while the crystals are secured onto the chamber with elastic gaskets and elastic resin, allowing stability, easy replacement in case of brakeage and perfect conduct in alternating temperatures.

The crystal total height may reach up to 120cm.

It may be a glass with a seamless perimeter finish or an aluminum clamp.


Exterior support of your construction using one of our spacers

For more information on our exterior spacers, designs and cost, we will be happy to assist you by phone or in person on our premises.

Our company continues its innovative and pioneering course, introducing a new modern product that comes to enrich our already wide range of security and safety glass panels.

The Laminated (triplex) glass panels, glued together with the new, revolutionary transparent rigid type DG-41 membrane.

Recommended for glass balcony bars applications, where this particular system can offer up to 80% more elasticity and durability.

Glass Floors

Combine modern Garoufalis Glass Architecture decoration that comes with a multilayer glass floor, with the ultimate security achieved using the appropriate security glasses.

MINIMAL aesthetic appeal and security.

Double Glazing with blinds

ΤTop quality Garoufalis Glass Co double glazing, now with blinds on the inside.

Choose the blinds that suits you:

  • With a Button
  • Electric
  • Magnetic with Rope
  • Remote Controlled

Ideal for:

  • Windows Without Shutters
  • Interior Breaks
  • Balcony Doors
  • Bathroom Windows


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