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Production Stages


Glasscutting - Perimetric Energy Overlay Scraping

Glazing cutting using the automated CNC workbench to the dimensions ordered.

During this stage, before cutting the energy coated glazing (low-e), the metallic energy coat is scraped off, in a 12mm perimeter, in order to achieve perfect adhesion between the Cold Sulfur Glue and the glass surface. during the final sealing stage of the procedure, assuring that the glue only makes contact with glass and does not affect the coating, in order to avoid future oxidations.

Clients should look into the scraping stage as well,so that they are assured that a complete and high quality result is achieved when ordering an Efficient Double Insulating Glazing, in order to get a respective quality window.

  • Thorough and utterly precise Glass Cutting, using an Automated Cutting Workbench
  • Perimeter Scraping of Soft Energy Overlay by 1.2cm


Lathing - Pyritical Salts Filling

At this stage, Aluminium Lathing are made.

It is important to choose the appropriate cavity for our Double/Triple Glazing, according to our needs. We should point out that that the ideal cavity between two glasses, in order to get the most thermal insulation, is 16mm while for sound proofing purposes the more the distance between the glasses, the better the resulting sound proofing conduct of the Double/Triple Glazing.

«GAROUFALIS GLASS» are proud to guarantee that ALL Double/Triple Glazing cavities are always 100% filled with Grace™ Pyritic Salts, that absorb humidity on the inside of the glazing throughout its life span.

Lathing can be made of an Aluminium alloy in classical aluminium or black colour, or from Polyamide in charcoal, for higher thermal and aesthetic advantages.

  • 100% lathing filling with Grace™ Pyritic Salts
  • Possibility to choose lathing material and colour


Glazing Washing - Quality & Visual Control

One by one, glazing are placed at the start of the production line. The procedure starts by washing the glazing. Speciality micro fibre brushes, deionized water and filtered air chamber at the interior of the automated line completely clean both glasses without human interference.

Then, the glasses pass visual & quality control. Experienced personnel thoroughly investigates glazing surfaces to eliminate the possibility of any flaws before they get sealed up.

With this procedure «GAROUFALIS GLASS» guarantees a flawless visual experience using our products.

  • Automated Wash – No human interference
  • Visual and quality control by our expert staff
  • Flawless and comfortable visual experience


First Sealing - Butyl

According to the European Union Standards, glazing must not come into contact with the lathing. To achieve that, a special material is placed between glasses and lathing, BUTYL, which is a solid type of glue, first heated, liquefied and then applied around aluminium/polyamide lathing, so that it touches both glasses.

Applying BUTYL prevents the "thermal bridge" effect from happening, due to induction from GLASS – LATHING – GLASS. In addition, the glazing system passes the first phase of the sealing procedure.

«GAROUFALIS GLASS» ALWAYS follows this procedure in EVERY Double/Triple Glazing we construct.

  • First Sealing with Butyl, solid state glue, heated, liquefied and perimetrically applied to lathing.
  • “Thermal Bridge” appearance prevented.
  • GAROUFALIS GLASS Double/Triple Glazing Basic Characteristic.


Second Sealing - Cold Sulphuric Glue - Argon Filling

According to International Standards for the quality of thermal sealing materials in high temperatures climates, the glazing system is glued in its perimeter with two substances COLD SULPHURIC KÖMMERLING™ GLUE.

COLD SULPHURIC GLUE reacts perfectly in every weather condition, making it appropriate for a wide range of constructions, from simple household crafts (e.g. house casing), to more demanding constructions (glass shelled skyscrapers).

«GAROUFALIS GLASS» ALWAYS follows this procedure in EVERY Double/Triple Glazing we construct.

It should be noted, that GAROUFALIS GLASS Double/Triple Glazing gluing thickness is at least 11mm, which is a trademark Characteristic and fundamental competitive advantage of our company since we first stared constructing Double/Triple Glazing in 1988.

In order to achieve even better thermal insulation performance, filling the cavity between glasses with Argon noble gas is fundamental. With the use of specialized machinery, oxygen is removed and Argon is inserted before the final sealing.

Because of Argon different density, a longer delay in heat transmission from the hotter to the colder part of the system is achieved. In short terms, Argon makes Double/Triple Glazing extremely more effective in providing thermal insulation to a building.

  • Perimeter gluing thickness > 11mm
  • Perfect gluing – Fully filled to the edge of the glazing
  • Argon filled cavity between glasses through specialized instruments and automated machinery
  • Argon DOES NOT leak from Double/Triple Glazing ONLY IF BUTYL and Cold Sealing have been applied


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