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Glass Processes


Our company has full up to date technical equipment for to undertake every glass processing task.

It is worth mentioning, that all our machinery is manufactured in the EU since 2000.

You may order our products, or bring your own glass to have it processed in any of the following ways:

  • Automated cut: at the desired dimensions, on an automated glass cutting workbench.
  • Ροντέ: Finishing-Polishing glass/mirror edges.
  • Μπιζοτέ: Perimeter glass/mirror slant cut.
  • Τρασέ: Cosmetic Linear Glass Etching.
  • Perforating: Glass/mirror perforating to the diameter of your choice.
  • CNC Glass Machine: Glass/mirror cutting and notches to any design of your choice.

Contact us for an offer.

One of our Glass Experts will provide advice to better suit your requirements.


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